Here at Fishabil we are blessed with a large body of water which enables us to offer fishing to suit all styles.

We do our utmost to please all of our anglers, therefore we have a huge stock of fish available to fish for. This includes fish of all sizes and species. You could catch a small mirror, a large common, a huge catfish or meet one of our hard fighting sturgeon. You really don’t know what is coming next, and that is what we think makes Fishabil so special.

The main body of the lake, some 50-60 acres ranges from 3ft in the bay on the North bank to 10ft at the dam wall end. The bottom of the lake is predominantly a layer of soft silt over a clay bed which the fish love to feed in. There is an old river bed that winds its way through the lake at around 80-130 yards depending on which bank you are fishing from. Apart from this slight depth change the bottom is fairly uniform in depth. The water is quite coloured, due in the main to the constant feeding of our massive stock of fish.

Fish are caught from all ranges in the lake with the current lake record, a 64lb mirror coming from just 50 yards out. However, those of you that want to hit the horizon with your chosen bait have literally acres of water to aim at. For those of you that feel daunted by the expanse of water in the main body, you have the West bank or Back Bay. This is some 20 acres in size with a couple of man made snags to fish to or some reachable margins to lay your traps in.

For those of you that want to fish close in, there is a trough which runs along the front of several swims that offers a fairly significant depth change from where the previous lake record was captured. Also attached to this bay is a long narrow arm formerly known as the Kingfisher reserve which is perfect for stalking on those warm summer evenings, although this itself has accounted for many memorable captures and excellent results in several of the previous competitions held at this historic venue.

All of the 47 swims on the fishery are serviced every year and topped up with tree bark to ensure your home for the week is both clean and suitable to fish from. Weigh posts/stations have been installed on most of the swims to aid the safe handling and weighing of your captures.



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