Lake Fishabil Rules

These are our main rules but common sense and courtesy are expected from all of our visiting Anglers.

Boat Rules

Not to be used in the hours of darkness.

Life Jackets to be used at all times.

All boats supplied free of charge to be cleaned after use.

A deposit of €50 will be charged per boat, this will be refunded once boats have been checked

Only one person to be in one boat at any time.

All boats to be returned to designated points after use.

No baited rigs are permitted to be dropped from the boats.

(Breaking of these rules will lead to confiscation of the free boat to the entire bank).

Main Rules

No Bait boats.

No Carp sack.

All fish to be weighed, photographed, and returned immediately.

All Anglers must have, and use a recognised carp medi-care kit.

No braided mainlines. (shockleaders are permitted).

15lb mainline is recommended.

Micro barbed or barbless hooks only.

No fixed lead systems.

4 Rod maximum.

No glass beer bottles on the lake, cans only.

No excessive use of alcohol.

No drugs.

No excessive noise (respect other anglers).

Minimum 42inch landing nets and large un-hooking mats must be used.

Fishery gates to be kept locked at all times.

Guests only by prior arrangement.

Bait Rules

Only particle prepared at the Fishery, or by a recognised supplier to be used.

Nuts are permitted for use as hookbaits only.

No excessive use of salt.

Only live baits caught, or supplied at the Fishery are permitted.


Enjoy your stay and please fish responsibly.


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